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“There is a story we herbalists have conjured up that I particularly enjoy. Cosmeos, a mythical Greek goddess whose name meant harmony and balance. personified radiant health and inner beauty that flowed from a core of harmony and balance. Cosmeos never sought to mask what she was or how she looked; rather , she fed her inner fire with the eternal gifts of the earth. Her beauty was as unique as the flowers growing wild on the hillside and as powerful as the granite bones of the mountain. Wanting to endow the world and its inhabitants with greater beauty, Cosmeos gave to mortals the gifts of herbs, flowers, and other simple pleasures to nourish the body and soul.”
-Rosemary Gladstar

The modern word cosmetic or cosmetics is derived of the Greek word Kosmeticos, which means, “skilled at adornment.” This is what Cosmeos was all about! It was never her intent to cover up! She used her creations to revel in who she was! She used these earthly gifts of nature to bring out that beauty, that inner fire. This is precisely what our skincare products are all about.

Primal Bliss: Decadent + Nourishing Concentrated Organic Body Butter

Primal Bliss: Decadent + Nourishing Concentrated Organic Body Butter
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