All of the products you will find here have been created by hand, with love and using only high quality, edible, organic, and sustainably wild crafted plant materials. All ingredients are raw and pure. Butters and oils are fair trade, organic, and cold pressed. We are very conscious of what we use and support. All products are preserved using only essential oils and non gmo vitamin e. No toxic ingredients, carcinogens, preservatives, petroleum derived ingredients, or various other toxic fillers at all. 100% of the earth, 100% love.

Aromatherapy Sprays & Mists

Botanical Body Butter

  • Primal Bliss
    Decadent & Nourishing Concentrated Body Butter

Healing Lip Balms


  • Moondust
    Face & Lips, Delicate Rejuvenation

Herbal Bath Blends

Detoxifying & Balancing