Knowing what something is like or why it works before committing to a purchase is a huge plus! To that end, we have created this page to allow us to share some of our current user’s feedback on the products we create so that you can get a slightly different perspective.

“While waiting to catch a flight, prior to departing on a recent trip to Vancouver, my lips were SO dry that I had a huge crack. I put some of the Elm Lip Balm on my lips and by the time I got to Vancouver, due to the shocking effectiveness of the product, I had probably told so many people about it that the people I was travelling with were probably getting somewhat tired of hearing about it! Boy that stuff sure works! I have I don’t know how many ‘lip things’ in my cabinet but this is the first one that has actually done the job it’s supposed to.”

June (Calgary, AB)

“I knew I was settling when I bought (another product) that was supposed to be ‘pure’ but their website doesn’t list the precise ingredients like this one and it contained acids. I am so happy I can stop using that other product now because yours is WAY better. Your exfoliant left my face so soft and beautiful that it felt like I had a facial. I’m so happy I can buy your products and trust/know that they are pure and beautiful, just like you. :o) Congratulations on creating a superior skin care line.”

Susan (Airdrie, AB)

“I am a French lady and as such I have tried numerous and many products from all over the world. At Christmas this year I received a loving magical package of products from Earth Love Magic and all I can say is … WOW!!!! After all my worldwide travels and looking for products that work and give me the experience that I am looking for … here it is. I hope and pray that you will use these products and enjoy the benefits I have.”

Nicole (Ardrossan, AB)

“When I first came to know of elm products and not only what they were being made WITH but HOW they were being made, I became incredibly curious as to what these two differences would mean when it came to the end result. I wasn’t prepared for what I experienced! I have used both the Bath Soak and the Lotion and in both cases, using the product was noticeably different during and after use. You actually FEEL the luxury, you KNOW it’s 100% pure and natural and the results are the proof in the pudding! I have years of previous experience in the skin care industry and have personally used the so-called ‘finest’ products and these put the best-of-the-best to shame in my opinion. I couldn’t imagine finding a better line of products anywhere.”

Matthew (Calgary, AB)