Earth Love Magic products were born of a desire to find not just a better way, but the best way to provide truly wholesome and healthy options. Handcrafted, wild and organic, luxury self care products designed with Gaia + the ocean in mind. Using sustainable practices and are free of any chemical fillers including, parabens, petroleum derived materials, metals, preservatives, cruelty or artificial scents. Just pure, clean and harvested with care from mother earth. Each item is made with love, woven with prayer + nurturing intention and charged with Reiki’s healing energy. As a holistic health coach I understand the importance of self care and what you put onto your body because ultimately it is absorbed into your body and becomes a part of your body. So you’ll want to ensure you are using high quality products with an ingredients list you can feel good about. E.L.M. has all of that + more and the best part is that these products are also amazing. Here are some raving reviews so you can see what people have to say about them. All our products have limited packaging and labeling so if you are looking for the ingredients of any of our products please have a look here. Have fun shopping and looking around, I really hope you enjoy and I appreciate you and your support.

Earth ~∆ Keeping Gaia and our oceans + rivers in mind I use limited packaging, labeling, and refrain from plastics when at all possible. I have a recycling program here where we sterilize and reuse our own used containers, keeping them not only out of the landfills, but the recycling depos as well. I also wild craft plants and flowers in and around the Calgary area that are used in my products and will vary by season.

Love ~∆ I create each product in a peaceful, loving environment that is set up in a way that purposefully aligns my intentions of nurturing, loving + healing. I handcraft everything using glass + wooden/bamboo materials and an open flame instead of electrical energy for melting the beeswax and butters. In terms of the energetics and frequency of the end product this all makes a huge difference in the quality.

Magic ~∆ I utilize ancient methods of cosmically charging each product. This will range from crystal essences to Reiki energy. This packs some serious punch and really adds to the luxurious experience of the product you are enjoying and it’s ability.